Hans Tavsens Park is an enormous expansive stretch of grass with several play areas areas and bordered by many schools, apartment buildings, and a huge cemetery that is used as a park. It is located in Nørrebro, a diverse neighborhood in Copenhagen that mixes nationalities and economic classes. Our instructions in redesigning the park were to accommodate a new cooking school in the center, increase built mass to 40% of the space, and address the issue of flooding in the area. My design, titled Boardwalk, creates a system of elevated wooden pathways above sunken marshlands. The urban park does not attempt to be natural or wild, as the cemetery bordering it fills that need, but is instead playful. The boardwalks form a seemingly-random system of pathways that encourage play and interaction, providing spaces wide enough to include older or disabled residents as well as thinner or unlevel stretches for children to play on. They become benches in parts, create a square that is only broken to allow trees to burst through, and divert the existing bicycle route to a side street. The road bordering the park is closed, connecting the schools to the play areas, and a variety of structures encourage all ages to participate. In the middle stand the cooking school and three rows of townhouses, broken up to create semi-private and public spaces. The design is meant to be human-scale and surprising, unstructured but systematic, connecting the cemetery, schools, residential buildings, and park.