A redesign of a classic in line with modern aesthetic innovations, this percolator is intended for use in the restaurant and cafe industry. When the customer orders espresso, it is served in a small and cheery moka pot made of coated zinc with a reassuring weight; durable and long-lasting. Designed for the Interzinc 2016-2017 Design Challenge, and responding to the prompt 'Commercial Kitchen Product'.


Because the moka pot is frequently taken apart and reassembled in the standard sequence of use and cleaning, and because zinc is strong without extra support, I chose to keep most pieces free of ribs or bosses. The exceptions lie in the attachment of the upper funnel, through which coffee bubbles up, onto the upper body with four screws; the pieces attaching the handle, lid, and upper body; and the lid handle. These parts include bosses to accommodate screws, and are hollowed out to conserve metal and keep a consistent wall thickness.

All draft is 1.5 degrees, and corner radii are 0.4”. All zinc pieces have a 0.0625” wall thickness; the perforated filters are made of steel and have 0.04” walls.

All zinc is die-cast in one step, with the exception of the two main body pieces, which are formed in two parts (cut along the middle, as shown in this cross section).

The lower funnel and all perforated filters are made of punched and stamped stainless steel sheet metal.

The two handles are made of rough injection-molded semi-translucent polypropylene.