The world outside can be a bear, but absorbing the morning light while eating a simple breakfast can allow one to slowly awaken and prepare to face the day. 

These designs embrace the tranquility of natural light and the simple comfort of oatmeal and tea. Textures are soft and smooth, shapes are made to be held, and natural materials compliment the bright daylight streaming in. 

My partner, Will Greene, and I were asked to pick a single poignant moment of a breakfast ritual to celebrate. We decided to focus on natural light, and the need to spend time peacefully in front of a window, slowly adjusting to the commotion of the world outside. These quiet moments, disconnected from the blue glare of screens and the rush of noise once the door opens, are grounding and calming. 

To accompany the slow, tranquil moments enjoying the day’s first light, we focused on a simple, comforting meal of oatmeal and tea. Both are uncomplicated and unassuming in their original forms and cozily warm the person’s hands as they eat.