Tasked with dissecting an existing radio and building it a new shell that gave the user some novel interaction, I found a cheap Goodwill Suntone ELEC0014 and, with the use of 3D-printed gears, altered the way it is controlled entirely. The Slide Radio is a wall-mounted piece of art, its volume and tuning each changed with the motion of a single finger, and the shape of the radio itself evolving as the user adjusts these two controls. Produced in three weeks.

Initially considering a radio in the shape of a face, a functioning Etch-A-Sketch, or a pegboard, I decided to pursue the Etch-A-Sketch because it was the most feasible in the four weeks we were given. I abstracted it, removing the childhood connotations and allowing the translation from rotating dial to physical shape to expand. The radio became a frame, with ribbons providing changing angles and two sliders adjusting the volume and tuning with a push of the finger.

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