In a world in which the measuring of time is ever more prevalent and units seem to be shrinking, keeping track of time is increasingly overwhelming. Spacetime’s single red line divides time into manageable and abstract units, a pie slice that spatially represents time passing, marked only by the present and the designated future. The simple form eliminates all other distractions, including the exact minute or the numbers that allow our concept of time to always be segmented further.

Spacetime is a refined and minimal watch for the people who need to get things done. Twisting the exterior ring rotates the red line, allowing the user to create a relative representation of time that is pertinent to their own timeline. No units exist on the watch face, allowing the user to focus only on the time between the black and red lines. Simple semicircles and constant widths keep the visual language calm, and the stark contrast of bright red on black and white draws attention to the primary elements. The date is subtly displayed at 3:00, adjustable via the crown on the right.

Where buckles dig into the user’s wrist, Spacetime has a fully closed band, a single layer with no complicated closure system. Elastic, woven through the watch’s back, stretches to fit over one’s hand, eliminating the hassle of a traditional buckle. Sewn flat, the subtle center line of the elastic’s seam is in red thread. Unscrewing and rotating the back sheet of aluminum allows access and easy replacement of the elastic.



Lasercutting dials and hands required extensive experimentation.

Some models and test straps, bodies, dials, crystals, hands, and stems.